Basics on How to Apply Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Garage Floor Evaluation

Your floor needs to be made of firm concrete before using the epoxy garage floor paint if you want it to last garage floor imagelong. If you can prepare the concrete alone if it was not in existence, you can ask a handyman to help you.

Dampness of the Floor

When planning to use the epoxy garage floor paint the floor should be free from moisture. If your garage is new, then you will have to wait for at least a month for it to fully dry. The next step is to determine whether there was any other ordinary paint that was used on that floor. If it is still intact you need to get rid of them all using a recommended solvent that is available in local stores.

Floor Cleaning

You can’t use this paint when the floor is full of dust and other debris. You just need to clean the floor ordinarily by brushing. The last but not the least when it comes to epoxy floor paint task is to use muriatic acid. Sprinkle a solution of this acid to the floor and this will aid in making the paint floor evenly.

When it comes to choice of colour, that is up to you and your garage will have a superb look.