The Uses Of Exterior Floor Paints and Benefits

exterior paint

There are many types of paints. Each one is designed for a specific type of floor. Floors can either be interior or exterior. Those in the exterior face the elements. This means that they can get worn out faster. As such, exterior floor paint has the ability to protect these floors. The paint allows the floor to last for a long time and maintain its colour and quality. Read on for more features of this type of paint.

Responsibilities of exterior paint

The paint used to decorate exterior floors protects this surface. It keeps away moisture and does not fade. Moreover, it allows the floor to survive changes in temperature. When it is of high quality, it will be easy to apply and protect the floor for a long time. These paints are available in many colours. Thus, you can always find a colour that suits your floor and exterior d├ęcor.

Types of paint for exterior floors

These paints fall into 2 general categories. These are the oil-based and the water based paints. The oil based paints for exterior floors are also known as alkyd paints. They comprise a pigment, resin and solvent thinner. After the paint is applied, the thinner will evaporate. This leaves the resins to form a hard, durable coating. The colour is also preserved. Thus, when you apply this type of paint on your floor, the hard coating will protect your floor and keep it looking shiny for a long time.

Water based paints for exterior floors are also known as latex or acrylic paints. They comprise a pigment, binder and water. The water is the carrier for the other two ingredients. This type of paint dries faster than the oil based one. However, it is not as durable. Thus, for exterior floors, the best type of paint to use is the oil-based paint.