The Best Way to Protect and Enhance Appearance of the Floor; Using Paints.

Painting is the easiest home improvement strategy that helps you update your home and reap the results immediately. Painting not only improves your home appearance but also protects the floor from wear and tear. If you are preparing your home for real estate sale then this is the easiest way to increase the value of your home.

paint and stain wood image


How to Use Paints for the Floor.

Prepare the floor.Before painting the floor, you have to scrap the floor using a grit paper and remove any dust using a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, clean the surface using trisodium phosphate and water to remove contaminants and thereafter allow it to dry.
Select the colour of paint. There are many different types of colours available, you can select them online or at any near seller and don’t forget to determine the amount of paint you will need to complete the activity. Choose a paint finish that suits the activity.There are two main types of paints; latex and oil based enamel. Latex enamel delivers a low gloss while oil based enamel delivers high base gloss. Consider the material of the floor too, if it’s a wooden floor, you could use a wood floor stain.

Paint the surface. When you are ready to paint, move any furniture, fittings away from the place. Ensure children and pets are far from the floor you are painting. Put on dust masks to prevent paint from entering your mouth, wear goggles to block paint chips from entering the eyes and wear gloves to protect your hands. If you are creating a pattern, then use a removable painters tape to tape off the design. When you commence the actual painting, move the roller quickly and in one direction and avoid excess pressure too. Check on the labels to confirm the dry times and don’t put any objects on the floor before it dries completely.

How paints protects the finish.Damages to the floor can be caused by extreme weather conditions, ultra-violet light or abrasion, all these are protected by paints hence decreasing repairs and maintenance costs incurred. Therefore, when deciding to paint, it is necessary to select the right paint that will provide the best coat to your floor.

How paints enhance appearance of the floor.

It is surprising how painting the floor can change the appearance of the floor and also hide some imperfections including cracks, or bring out the beauty with a wood floor stain.. There are various reasons for painting, for marketing reason, painting attracts attention of many potential buyers and can even increase the resale value of your home.
In order to change the way your home looks, protect infrastructure and increase your home’s value, painting has to be done right.